Custom Designed & Built Homes In Melbourne

What makes our team the best custom home builders Melbourne has to offer? You could say it's the perfectionism shared by Justin and the rest of the team, our keen eye for detail, or our desire to make sure the final product exceeds your expectations...


But deep down, we think it's our passion for building homes rather than simply houses which sets us here at Mori Constructions apart. We build custom homes that can weather the test of time, that are meant not for display but for really living in—for decades or even generations to come. Our custom built homes are not the work of new home builders looking to capitalize on Melbourne's exploding real estate market; they're a reflection of who our clients are as people.


As custom home builders, we understand that everyone has a dream—and a budget. We are happy to proactively assist our clients in creating custom design homes, examining different components for cost and usability in order to determine how best to make their dreams into reality. When you work with Justin, you will become part of his dedicated team; there's no salesman and no middleman that you cannot get in touch with easily. We will:

  • Help you identify your personal goals and create a vision for your home;
  • Work around the site restrictions that typically limit other new build homes;
  • Work alongside you, every step of the way;
  • Balance aesthetics with comfort and functionality;
  • Offer a full suite of bespoke building services.
It's the desire of every homeowner to find a home that reflects who they are as a person and what they need in a residence; alas, with modern builders increasingly churning out bland prefabricated homes, if you're seeking uniqueness, quality, and originality, you'll need to design your own home. If you want to design a house but don't know where to begin, don't hesitate to get in touch with us; we'll walk you through the planning, designing, and building process.
Want to put a new home on your property, but don't have time to design one? Don't worry, our experienced team of new home builders can work from a range of existing plans to create a new home with your input. When you work with our team of custom home builders Melbourne's finest designs will come to you, offering the best in modern living.
As luxury home builders, we know you've put a lot of work into your career, so not just any home will do—You need a home which will reflect your personal style, your ambition, and the best that modern luxury homes have to offer. Our luxury home design team will work with you tirelessly to create a home environment that is supremely comfortable, convenient, and beautiful from wall to wall.
- We are happy to quote and build from existing plans;
- We are custom home builders;
- We are luxury home builders;
- We can provide house design;
- We can build pools;
- We offer sustainable and green building.