Dual Occupancy Builders Melbourne

At Mori Constructions, we know that real estate investors are more than just businesspeople; they are cornerstones of the community, helping to develop and redevelop areas so that they offer excellence in both family and single occupancy living. Our many years of experience with building and selling homes for the development market has granted us the ability to competently and professionally:

  • Quote and build from existing plans;
  • Help our clients select the perfect piece of land using our in-depth knowledge of council limitations;
  • Design developments so that they maximize return;
  • Work within our clients' budgets to reduce expense as much as possible without sacrificing quality
As dual occupancy builders, we know that dual occupancy homes are a “win win” situation for both renters and property owners when done right. Dual occupancy homes generate two incomes off a single piece of land while allowing families to enjoy the space of a full house at a reasonable rate. Our dual occupancy house plans can be adapted to any site and we're happy to work one-on-one with our clients to create custom dual occupancy designs.
Say goodbye to the boring townhouse designs Melbourne is inundated with and say hello to bold, innovative developments that fit in with the spirit of the surrounding area. When building townhouses in Melbourne, our townhouse builders Melbourne team focuses on creating equal value for the developer, the residents, and the community. Working side by side with you from start to finish to translate your ideas into a functional, beautiful home is what our townhouse developments Melbourne team does best, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us and begin the planning and design process.
Apartment developments are more than just convenient, affordable residences—they're landmarks. For apartment builders Melbourne's chic urban style offers a haven of opportunities to experiment with the best sustainable designs, and we at Mori revel in this challenge. Whatever your apartment building needs are, you'll discover we're ready to deliver; there's no project too big or too small for us.
As duplex builders, we understand that a good multi unit development represents the ultimate happy compromise: Residents benefit from the convenience of apartment living and urban sprawl is reduced, while at the same time, population density is kept manageable. Additionally, property owners have access to multiple sources of income without the work of managing a large apartment complex. Our unit builders are dedicated to building sustainable, approachable multi unit developments; with our commitment to quality, style, and affordability, we aim to be the best unit builders Melbourne has to offer.


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Dual Occupancy Homes